Your personal Guide in Chernobyl Zone

Do you wanna see Chernobyl Zone unoficially?


We will make a full plan of your trip. Just choose duration, date and locations which you wanna see. We will compile the best route and lead you to needed places.


You should be in Kiev at appointed time, all remaining way we will organize ourselves.


Actually is better to use own equipment, but if you lack something (flashlight, "power bank", raincoat, sleeping bag, radiometer, knife, etc.) we will give it for temporary use for free .


Between you and guide is no people, so you may ask any question and to receive a information from the first hands. All trips compiling individually and you'll get really one of the best impressions in your life.


Guide staying with you at 24/7 and give you any help, but you should understand: illegal camping trip in Chernobyl Zone is extremal adventure.


Our experience will serve for your comfort and safety. It is not mean that you'll spending your time like in 5've stars hotel, but you'll almost shouldn't disturbing about anything but matchless atmosphere, nature looks and your camera's battery life.


We are ready to answer for any questions and would be pleased to help you with preparing to trip.


Most popular places in the Chernobyl Zone

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Illegal trips to Chernobyl Zone and Pripyat became our vocation. We are people who can't imagine their life without Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, night dark roads, edgeless fields and silent Chernobyl forests. Time after time we find out something new and going to the Zone again and again. Maybe you'll join to us in this hobby for long, maybe you just wanna see worldwide famous ghost city Pripyat, anyway, we're going in the same direction.