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Russian Woodpecker — Duga-1 — Radar

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Duga - 1

Russian Woodpecker — Duga-1 — Radar


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Russian Woodpecker — it is a heritage of «Cold War». That is a really one of biggest antenn in people history. Duga - 1 — it is radiolocation complex, with two antennas, which had working in two frequency ranges. Try to imagine the sizes — 150 meters of height and 500 meters of lenght for bigger one.

In 1986, after Chernobyl disaster, station service staff was disbanded, and most of equipments was exported to another object.

It's easy to guess, object like this just could not but become one of famous places in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Remember, «Duga» stilling guarded. Some security staff living in nearest military township — Chernobyl-2. Not so rarely cops and other security staff catch some «stalkers» when they climbing on the antennas.

Some extremals have been jump from big antenna with parachute. Climbing on antenna it is not only risk to meet with police, but life risk too. In 2017, one experiencede stalker fell from the small antenna and died. So, be careful. Stalker-Guide not reccomend to climb on «Duga», do it for your own risk.

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